• Can you tell us what kind of people you will hire? And plus, what qualifications and skills are needed?

    We want people with “character” and “smile”. The two attributes are the most important when it comes to communications. We welcome people who take heart-to-heart communications seriously and are able to communicate “sincerely.”
  • What do we need to bring on our first day at work??

    On the first day at work, things including identification, graduation certificate, credentials and passport photos should be brought. A pre-employment physical examination and health report are also required. According to requirements of job description, specific qualifications and skills are needed and should be acquired early to progress your career.
  • Will we be allowed to visit factories?

    It is better to see once than to hear a hundred times. To help you better experience our workplace culture and environment, we welcome your visits to factories.
  • How do you recruit new staff?

    Recruitment Process: Application (Submitting CV/resume)—First Interview—Second Interview—Third Interview (with managers) —Offers Made (Rounds of interview are subject to change. Extra written exercises or skills assessment are needed based on the requirements of the job description.)