• What kind of work are you engaged in?

    We are engaged in the development, production and selling of plastic painting which can be applied to various products like mobile phones, PC, household appliances, video game players and equipment mounted on automobile. It you take a look at products displayed in electronic appliance markets, you will find many of them are coated with our painting.
  • Can you tell us differences between jobs of technicians and developers?

    Technicians are responsible for “creating colors.” Their job is to create new color according to what customers want. They also need to readjust the color, and offer their services on a business trip to paint factories, if necessary, before our customers apply paints to products.
    Developers take responsibility for R&D of paint features. There are various demands from our customers, say, “I want a scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint paint”, “I wish it could have a smooth texture like peaches”. To meet their demands, we must create paint with special features. Without endless research and trial, it would be impossible.