• Can you tell us what your workplace climate is?

    We attach great importance to our customers and employees. That is because we know “if employees never have a sense of pride in their employer, they would never perform their jobs well.” Our employees get along well with each other and everybody works with great vigor. In a company with a few elite employees like us, we do not ask our employees “if they can do it” but ask them “to have a go first”. Then, we encourage them to believe “I can do it! I want to do it!” Employees with such a positive attitude towards work would be given more opportunities. That is what our workplace climate is like.
  • What do you consider as your advantages? And is there any fun or challenge that sets your company apart from others?

    (1)Technical Competence. “We need a color to go with this product”, “we would like to make our product look like this”…We create unique colors to meet our customers’ demands through endless communications. We also feature durable, antiseptic products and those with special texture. We are committed to improving our products and new products R&D.
    (2)Quick Response. “Musashi must meet 100% customer expectations and deliver 120% customer satisfaction.” With this idea in mind, we deal with our customers with genuine sincerity. Salesmen and technicians are encouraged to reach out to customers and have thorough face-to-face discussions with them.
  • What is your focus at the moment?

    Personnel training.
    Our revenue has risen to 20 billion yen, up from 2 billion yen in 1996. This is just because our business follows the trend of the times and gives customers what they want as soon as possible. But if we stuck to past mindset and never tried to improve ourselves, we would never take ourselves to a new level. That explains why we put personnel training high on our agenda and double our efforts to train our employees.